About Natures Fuel

Every employee at Nature’s Fuel is offered an opportunity beyond a good job and a solid income. Their response is usually exciting and humbling. They continue to amaze us with their ability, insights, and desire to help make the air cleaner, our water more pure, and the legacy we leave our descendents brighter. They make low-cost renewable energy that is environmentally friendly.

Nature’s Fuel was started in 2005. That same year we filed our first patent application. Our next patent application was filed a year later. Another was filed in 2008 and more are planned. We will continue to do practical research and invent new, more efficient ways to clean up the planet we live on while providing low-cost green energy.

Our engineers, scientists, and managers designed several patent pending processes. Some include growing, processing, and converting cellulosic bio materials to bio oils and bio gas. Some deal with the clean up of problematic waste streams while converting them to green fuels.

We found it necessary to design and fabricate our own pyrolyzers and gasifiers. These incorporate several patent-pending processes and items that allow us to produce clean bio fuels from almost any renewable feedstock or waste stream.

We design, fabricate, and operate our own proprietary equipment under tight legal agreements with our fabricator. We will only consider projects that improve the environment or assist a community. Wherever possible, we hire Disabled American Veterans.

In the future, we strive to be the cutting edge for next generation, clean Waste To Energy (WTE) and Manure To Energy (MTE).